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Researched and formulated by the scientists at CNP Professional Laboratories?GFX is an exciting new PRE-WORKOUT FORMULA offering you a multi stage nutritional solution to assist in getting the best out of YOUR training.

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Active ingredients such as: 
Creatine Monohydrate – A nitrogen containing acid naturally produced in the body that supports ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) synthesis. Once inside a cell, cre?a?tine becomes A CATALYST FOR ENERGY PRO?DUC?TION AND MUSCLE CONTRACTIONS. 
Caffeine A chemical compound called a xanthine alkaloid (pronounced ?zan theen?) found in a variety of fruits, beans, and leaves of plants. In the body, caf?feine may INCREASE STIMULATORY NEUROTRANSMITTER activity; an effect that tends to boost heart rate, metabolism, thermogenesis, reaction time, and cognition. 
Arginine (Nitric Oxide) – an amino acid that, among other func?tions, sup?ports nitric oxide (NO2) production. Arginine may offer synergistic benefits of both molecules possibly resulting in INCREASED EXER?CISE POTEN?TIAL AND ENERGY LEVELS. 
CFM? Nitro ? an extremely bioactive, modified whey protein that ACCELERATES NITRO OXIDE, contributing to the phenomenon of PUMP. FASTER DELIVERY AND LONGER EFFECT! 
Stage Two ? Pushing The Boundaries! 
Tau?rine: An amino acid produced from cysteine that is found in high concentrations in the brain, liver, intestines, cardiac and skeletal muscle tissues. Taurine is involved in a wide range of processes to include the production of bile acids (important for digestion), nerve transmissions, and antioxidant activity.
Cit?rulline (L-Citrulline): A direct precursor to the amino acid L-Arginine. L-Citrulline is used in some dietary sup?ple?ments to PROMOTE A LONGER DURATION and thus, nitric oxide production and activity 
Stage Three ? Repair and GO AGAIN! 
Protein: Highly complex nitrogen or sulfur-containing compounds found primarily in animal sources and, to a lesser extent, in some plants such as legumes. They are large structures comprised of long chains of amino acids. They also BUILD ANTIBODIES AND THE ENZYMES REQUIRED FOR CHEMICAL REACTIONS IN THE BODY SUCH AS THE BREAK?DOWN OF FOODS. 

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