Shop Manager
Brief info

My name is Jay and I’m the shop manager at Pumping Iron Supplements I’ve been at the shop since 2016 now. I am a former British 3x powerlifting champion and have now decided to take my interests into bodybuilding, I will be competing in spring 2021 which I am really looking forward to.

I’m a fully qualified personal trainer and sports masseuse and I have extensive knowledge in supplements. My favourite supplement we have at the shop is per4m whey and isolate protein which is great tasting, smooth and mixes really well, with the correct amount of protein to carbs it's one I would recommend to anyone.
So what products do I use in the shop? Well I use the per4m whey and isolate, I use supplement needs eaa intra+, I also use all max glutamine to help with digestion, bio tech creatine to help with strength and repair and many more products to help with day to day living and health.

I like helping people achieve new goals and love helping people and seeing them leaving the store with a smile on there face.

Hopefully I shall see you in store soon :)